Lassen County Regional Transportation Plan


Developing a Regional Transportation Plan

Developing a Regional Transportation Plan…

A Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a long-range (20 year) planning document used to identify transportation infrastructure and program projects for a designated region. This document is required by statute and takes guidance from the guidelines prepared by the California Transportation Commission on a regular basis. In order to qualify for State and Federal transportation funds, projects must be in the Regional Transportation Plan. Long range planning of this sort shapes the future of our regions as stated in the latest, 2010 RTP Guidelines.

Transportation helps shape an area’s economic health and quality of life. Not only does the transportation system provide for the mobility of people and goods, it also influences patterns of growth and economic activity through accessibility to land. Furthermore, the performance of this system affects such public policy concerns as air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, natural resources, environmental protection and conservation, social equity, smart growth, affordable housing, jobs/housing balance, economic development, safety, and security. Transportation planning recognizes the critical links between transportation and other societal goals. The planning process is more than merely listing highway and transit capital investments; it requires developing strategies for operating, managing, maintaining, and financing the area’s transportation system in such a way as to advance the area’s long-term goals. 

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The last RTP for the region was developed in 2012 and regions are required to update their plans every 5 years to be eligible for State and Federal funding resources.

Green DOT Transportation Solutions, in coordination with the Lassen County Transportation Commission and regional partners will be updating the Lassen County RTP through spring 2017. Any outreach materials for the update including notices, meetings, minutes and agendas will be posted on this website.